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Are you buying or selling a home? Are you a realtor or a home inspector? Often times, Walsh Crawlspace and Structural Repair works directly with other professionals when crawlspace inspections are needed for real estate transactions. It’s not unusual to have a deal fall through simply because of the condition of the crawlspace. We pride ourselves with making this as easy as possible for both parties involved with the sale of a home. We have many relationships with realtors throughout the Carolinas that depend on us, who rely on an honest company to find and quote the needed repairs, and get the repairs completed in a timely manner. We are often paid directly from the real estate attorney’s account, relieving both parties from having to write a check from their personal bank account to get the work done.

Every inspection is complimented with a link with pictures and video, a detailed map of the work areas in the crawlspace, as well as a detailed itemized quote. If there is a home inspection report given to us prior to the inspection, we provide two quotes. One quote with only the items the home inspector found and the second quote (if needed) are additional items we found that the home inspector didn’t find.

If you are about to buy or sell real estate in the Carolinas, reach out to Walsh Crawlspace and Structural Repair to get an honest and dependable company involved with such an important transaction at hand.

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