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Having started in the construction industry as a Licensed General Contractor focused on new custom homes and large residential renovation projects, we began to get a lot of requests specifically for foundation repairs.
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From early 1900's historic stone built foundations sitting directly on dirt with no true footer, to modern block wall construction foundations in newer homes, failures seemed to be rampant. We started specializing in crawl space and structural repairs after seeing a need in this field for a trusted, dependable company to deliver quality work. Knowing that fixing the problem wasn't enough to prevent the issue from occurring again, we built a suite of services that all tie directly in with each other to fully encompass a holistic approach to a safe and efficient crawl space and foundation for your home.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

When it comes to keeping your home safe and sound, you'll want to hire a foundation repair contractor you can depend on. Walsh Crawl Space and Structural Repair is:


We're licensed General Contractors in both North and South Carolina.


We won't try to sell something you don't need


Most qualified in the Carolinas


We won't leave your job half-finished

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