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All of Walsh Crawlspace & Structural Repair 's employees are thoroughly vetted and trained to deliver the highest quality of work and exceed industry standards. From management to the newest helper on staff, everyone works hard and works together as a team. Crawlspace work is some of the hardest work someone can possibly do. We reward our team with higher than average wages for this industry and allow them to have flexibility with their schedule. We're always looking to hire candidates with great personalities and a strong work ethic. With these two characteristics, our management team will shape new hires into skilled and responsible crawlspace technicians.
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Mary Tirsh

Executive Office Manager
Mary runs the show at Walsh Crawlspace & Structural Repair . She wears many hats for the company and does an absolutely incredible job keeping the schedules organized, talking to and finalizing proposals for customers, and is the friendly voice on the phone that everyone talks to. She's well versed in the crawlspace and structural repair business even though she doesn't physically work in the field. You'll find she's just as knowledgeable with the business as any of our lead foreman! Mary is an incredible baker, often bringing in delicious treats to the office that unfortunately don't last very long! She also enjoys knitting and volunteering in her free time.

Jaime Castillo

Lead Estimator & Superintendent
Jaime was introduced to the construction industry at a young age by his father. Many of the new homes within the last 25 years in Charlotte we're framed by Jaime's Father. Jaime has been with Walsh Crawlspace & Structural Repair from the very beginning. Jaime worked for Joe before the crawlspace company started, when Joe was focusing on renovations and new builds. Jaime's knowledge, friendly personality, and ability to teach, makes him the perfect lead estimator and supervisor at Walsh Crawlspace and Structural Repair.

Trey (Matthew) Griffin

Lead Foreman & Superintendent
Trey has been with Walsh Crawlspace & Structural Repair from the beginning. Much like Jaime Castillo, our lead estimator and supervisor, Trey had an extensive framing background before coming on board with Walsh Crawlspace. He worked his way up from a helper to a Lead Foreman and Superintendent. Trey not only has his own crew and jobs assigned to him but he also oversees and answers questions from our other team leaders.

Joe Walsh

Prior to Joe starting Walsh Crawlspace and Structural Repair, he focused on residential remodels and new construction. While doing remodels, Joe realized most crawlspaces were in horrific condition and homeowners didn't know who to turn to besides a handyman; which in turn led to a lot of repairs not being done correctly and to code. The limited number of companies that specialize in crawlspaces was glaringly apparent and Joe wanted to make a difference in the industry.

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