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If you've noticed bowed walls, cracks around your doorframes or gaps between the walls and floor in your Charlotte, NC area home, you probably need structural foundation repair work. Choose Walsh Crawl Space and Structural Repair for dependable house foundation repair services. We can also remove load-bearing walls to give your home a more open floorplan.

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Do you have one of these 3 foundation problems?

You should schedule house foundation repair services if you see cracks or bowing in your walls or floors. This could be a sign of:

  • Compromised band joists and band sills, often caused by water damage or termite infestations
  • Failed foundation walls and piers, often caused by settling or poor soil conditions
  • Dipping, sagging or bouncy floors, often caused by age or faulty construction

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Don't Let Leaks Weaken Your Home's Foundation

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