Concrete Lifting

Contact us today for concrete lifting services in the Charlotte, Winston Salem, and Greensboro, NC areas.

If your residential home or commercial property has concrete faults, cracks, and uneven services it might be time for concrete lifting to avoid injury and further property damage. We can provide Polyurethane Concrete Raising and mudjacking to raise and support sunken concrete surfaces. Avoid injury risk and call us today to evaluate your concrete slab for concrete lifting services.
Our training and supplier for machinery and product is through HMI

As opposed to replacing a whole concrete slab we can lift the existing slab for nearly half the cost with mudjacking or polyurethane foam concrete raising methods.

Causes for cracking or settling of concrete include Improper compaction, Climate, Erosion, Machine/Traffic Vibrations, Slab Curl/Rocking Slabs and more. Call us today if you need help with:
- Concrete driveway repair
- Interior slab lifting
- Concrete pool deck lifting
- Concrete sidewalk repair and lifting